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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the republican race for is getting less your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we begin with the republican race for president.
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it is getting less crowded. >> one less now. michele bachmann has dropped out of the race. that's after her last-place finish in the iowa caucuses. former governor mitt romney won the contest in a photofinish. just 8 votes separated him from rick santorum. the remaining candidates have their eye on new hampshire. randall pinkston reports from new hampshire. good afternoon. >> reporter: hello, frank. what a difference four years makes. in 2008, john mccain and mitt romney were bitter rivals. today, john mccain endorses mitt romney just one week before the new hampshire primary. mitt romney is turning his focus to new hampshire, where john mccain joined him at a campaign stop. >> it sure is nice to have a win. can we do better here in new hampshire? >> yeah. >> reporter: mccain beat romney in the new hampshire primary four years ago on his way to
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winning the republican nomination. now mccain is throwing his support behind his former rival. >> i am really here for one reason only to make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: romney beat a surging rick santorum by just eight votes in last night's iowa caucuses. >> thank you so much, iowa. >> reporter: and ron paul finished strong in third place. >> we have tremendous opportunity to continue this momentum. >> reporter: a poor showing forced michele bachmann to quit the race. >> i have decided to stand aside. >> reporter: and despite placing fifth last night, texas governor rick perry announced on twitter he is staying in the race. former utah governor jon huntsman is pinning his hopes on new hampshire. he skipped iowa to concentrate here. >> you have to be on the ground ground and have ideas that rent future. >> reporter: he is going after voters who haven't made up
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their minds. >> have you selected a candidate? >> i'm not sure yet. i'm still a little undecided. >> reporter: still, polls show him way behind former massachusetts governor romney, who owns a home in the state. rick santorum, who finished a close second last night in iowa, now faces a challenge of coming up with enough money to present his message to new hampshire voters in just one week. and keep in mind, he spent almost all of his time in iowa. reporting live in manchester, randall pinkston, back to you. >> a question for you, randall. with michele bachmann jumping out of the race, does that help or hurt any of the remaining candidates,. >> reporter: you would think it would appeal to conservative michele bachmann supporters go to either rick perry or to newt gingrich. but perry, staying in the race, is probably going to do more damage to gingrich than to anyone else. >> thank you, randall pinkston. stay warm in new hampshire.
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i know it's mighty cold there. president obama's first stop this election year is in ohio today. a state that he won four years ago. ohio is a key swing state and obama is there pushing his economic recovery plans. the sluggish economy continues to be "the" number one issue for americans. and a lot of voters who supported obama before are not sure if they will vote for him again. >> we have done a lot more to do and we need another four years to get it done. >> undecided voters will be watching as the president battles congress over job and tax plans. after nearly 20 hours a burglary suspect is still stuck here on this san francisco cliff. he allegedly stole a ring to a woman's home near chestnut street high above. gil diaz wants to stay where he jumped to. >> reporter: good afternoon.
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well, police and fire crews have backed off from pressuring the guy surrender. his name is dan. and a police commander says that dan is in a comfortable spot right now. take a look at chopper 5. he seems to be hidden at the halfway point of this cliff. if dan needs emergency help, he will be there but for now police are leaving him alone and that's what dan wanted all along. >> the hillside is beautiful, a craggly cliff. i can't believe anyone is on the face of the hill. >> reporter: well, it's true. the man who says his name is dan is still clinging by the eastern side of the cliff on telegraph hill after 18 hours. police brought out a negotiator this morning to convince the guy to let them help him get down. but he stubbornly refused. >> keeps telling us he is not going to talk to us, but we are -- he does keep answering our questions regarding whether he wants us to help him or not because he doesn't want help and just wants to us leave. >> reporter: dan is not even
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telling police if he is in a dangerous spot but the drama began last night when an apartment manager confronted dan inside one of the units perched on the edge of the cliff. dan escaped with a couple of backpacks by jumping over a railing and onto the cliff's edge. >> some jewelry was taken but it's typical burglar incident. you really don't know what's gone until you reach for it and realize it's gone. >> reporter: the only thing taken away from this woman was her sleep. her condo faces the cliff. fire crews kept it lit overnight with floodlights. >> they didn't leave until around 10:00 but they left this big spotlight on the area and i guess it was on the roof or something? and it makes this huge noise. >> reporter: another person says this death-defying standoff sheds light on a growing crime problem in her telegraph hill neighborhood. >> these are down times. i would think that people are more desperate. >> reporter: dan's desperate and daring escape plan is leaving everyone in suspect on
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what happens next to this real- life cliffhanger. a live look from chief where everyone thinks dan is hidden. investigators have taken fingerprints from the apartment where dan was spotted in last night. they are waiting for the results of the print to make a full identification. if so, then they will simply issue an arrest warrant instead of trying to catch him over here. back to you. >> gil, is there a time limit? will they wait him out or arrest him after he comes down on his own volition? >> reporter: they are assessing their strategy as the day progresses. earlier today there were probably more than a dozen officers here at the scene but now there's a couple not only here at the foot of the cliff but also up there up on telegraph hill so they are assessing it every hour to see how much resources they will put into this. >> okay. gil, thank you so much, live here in san francisco. officers arrested one man in west san jose following an
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early-morning manhunt. santa clara county deputies sunnyvale officers and a police chopper all deployed in the search starting when a driver refused to pull over for a traffic stop. a simple traffic stop around 1:00 this morning. he then ran away from the scene on foot. officers found him four hours later hiding behind a shed. they found stolen mail and handicapped parking card in his car. the man accused of arson attacks in l.a. will be arraigned this afternoon. harry burkhart is also under investigation for a house fire in germany. american authorities accused him of setting off more than 50 fires across west hollywood and los angeles. investigators say burkhart was upset that his mother was being deported. >> he entered the courtroom and made quite a disturbance. there's a lot of cursing in english, words that i won't repeat here. >> court documents show his mother is charged with 19 counts of fraud in frankfurt. reno air racing association announced today that officials
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will continue plans for this fall's competition despite last year's accident that killed 11. the head of of the association says a panel of experts -- tough to look at that video -- will be enlisted to ensure safety at the event. a number of permits still must be secured before the competition can happen but tickets are still on seam. the event is scheduled for mid- september. coming up, stop the scammers what to check if someone comes knocking on your door sell you magazines. fences knocked down, blinds ripped off. who is responsible when the cops search for a suspect? >> trucks collide causing a traffic backup for hours. how it happened and the latest efforts on getting that road cleared up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. no rain but enjoy it, folks. this is going to be the warmest day of the week. we'll talk about that coming up.
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"san francisco county jail number three" is actually in the demolition on a depression era jail began today after years of waiting. san francisco county jail number 3 is actually in the city of san bruno. a lawsuit was filed in the 1990s claiming unsafe conditions at the jail. a settlement of that suit forced san francisco to build a new jail nearby. the chp has cleared a big rig accident in tracy. this blocked off part of i-205 for hours this morning. officers say that the semi truck caused the crash when it tried to pass a cement truck. it sideswiped cars causing the semi to flip. it was hauling boxes and furniture before it overturned and blocked a lane of traffic. it took crews about four hours to clean up the mess. s.w.a.t. teams in vallejo knocked down fences, hunting for a man
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suspected of killing a vallejo police officer. and the city of vallejo may face a new lawsuit for the property damage that was left behind. homeowners filed claims requesting $11,000 in damages. last november, officers were combing the neighborhood for a bank robbery suspect accused of shooting officer jim capoot. many residents say they can't afford to repair their fences. >> it was scary when i saw them coming through and they all had weapons pointed at me. >> vallejo city's attorney office is thinking about forcing the city foot the bill. a city spokesman says they will make a decision about the claims in about two weeks. and the holidays are officially over for california legislators as they head back to sacramento today. first on the agenda will be addressing the state's 13th billion-dollar budget deficit. the state's pension plan will also will be on the slate. governor brown wants to raise the retirement age and require workers to pay more for their pensions. lawmakers also recommend that
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the state reconsider the multi- billion-dollar high-speed rail system. president obama has signed a new law that strengthens gas pipeline regulations. this legislation targets gas and federal safety made apparent by the fatal san bruno pipeline blast in 2010. the new law doubles the fine for safety violations to $2 million. san jose voters are expected to decide whether to keep medical marijuana rules adopted by the city council. those rules would limit the number of pot clubs in san jose and force themgrow all their marijuana on site. petitions with over 30,000 signatures have qualified referendum for the ballot. "mercury news" reports though mayor chuck reed will consider easing pot club rules. not so friendly. why facebook could be slapped with a lawsuit over its new east palo alto digs. we just feel like we have been burned, you know, by someone that we were trying to help. >> a knock on the door cost her
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over $100. how to slam the door shut on bogus magazine sales. high pressure sending temperatures soaring over 10, maybe 12 degrees above normal today. but we have changes in the works. we'll talk about that coming up.
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sources tell us that there has ootings in greenbrae... near sir francis we're following a developing story out of marin county. here's a live look from chopper 5 and sources are telling us
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that there has been multiple shootings in greenbrae near sir francis drake boulevard. all we know at this point is that there's a lot of police activity going on and two people were taken to the hospital. several people have been calling the newsroom to tell us about what is happening and what they are hearing. but at this point, all we know is that there was some sort of shooting going on in greenbrae near sir francis break boulevard. police may be stopping cars here. looks look they are stopping cars looking for a suspect, we're not sure. but looks to be a very active crime scene that's going on right now in greenbrae. so we're waiting for an update to find out exactly what's happening. but we'll bring it to you if we get it during this newscast. >> absolutely. switching gears now, today all about the big 7-0. could we hit 70 degrees somewhere in the bay area in northern california? >> yeah if we widen it out far enough, we'll get it somewhere. [ laughter ] >> i mean in california! [ laughter ] >> maybe in your house? >> yeah. it is a gorgeous day today, lots of sunshine out there, as well.
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not many clouds to start with and that's the way we'll end up, maybe patchy fog at the coast but this ridge too dominant and it will stay that way for the day. we're in for a great afternoon. these temperatures soaring near 70 degrees and mostly sunny skies inside the bay and many inland spots, maybe patchy fog at the coast. but not bad. now tonight we'll notice more low clouds and fog moving back onshore as we are going to see a switch in the winds. we have had an offshore wind today. sea breeze overnight tonight. but otherwise looking good out there right now. clear over the bay and winds fairly calm outside right now. 61 degrees in concord. 54 in oakland. 60 degrees in livermore. and 60 already in santa rosa. i think if you're planning on traveling around the state the fog lift in the central valley. 60s expected throughout the area. 50s and 60s in the high country and about 67 degrees even in ukiah. so this ridge really the dominant feature here and it will stick around for today but this next system going to encroach on it for a bit tomorrow. plenty of sunshine today. by tomorrow, we'll notice a few clouds and a switch in the wind will help to drop those temperatures around the bay
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area. numbers looking like this, this afternoon. 67 in mountain view, 68 in morgan hill. how about 60 in pacifica? 62 in hayward. 65 plenty of sunshine in livermore. and about 62 degrees in benicia. as you make your way inside the bay, we'll find those temperatures up in the 50s and also the 60s, beautiful conditions outside. but cooling off a little bit toward tomorrow. and also into friday. looking toward the weekend, though, high pressure begins to build in. those offshore winds may blow again. ow report, no, we haven't gotten any new snow lately but, of course, they are making plenty up there in the high country. northstar, machine groomed, packed powder, very packed powder. 17 lifts open. sugar bowl looking good partly cloudy. the roadways are nice and clear. [ laughter ] >> you don't have to put on chains to get up there. fantastic. heavenly is looking good, they have 21 lifts open but yeah, hopefully we'll get some snow for them in the next few weeks. >> get a tan while you ski. >> there will be a 70 somewhere today. >> i agree with you on that.
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>> yeah? >> there we did. >> thanks, lawrence. starting monday, yahoo will have a new ceo. scott thompson the former president of paypal will now head up the sunnyvale-based company as it struggles to stay afloat. they have had some trouble. it has fallen behind in the search market and has also lost ground in advertising. four months ago yahoo fired carol bartz of the former ceo. several groups of shareholders have called for the sale of the company recently. major concerns over traffic and displaced residents may prompt east palo alto to sue facebook. the social network company took over the old sun microsystem campus in menlo park last month. menlo park and east palo alto leaders are reviewing the impact of facebook's big expansion. planning documents show facebook wants to bring more than 6,000 workers in by 2015. a lawsuit is one of the options east palo alto councilmembers may consider during a closed-door meeting. we all like it get what we
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pay for, don't we? >> sound reasonable. on the consumerwatch, julie watts has a warning about door- to-door sales pitches that fail to deliver. >> reporter: it's been 15 months since the magazine saleswoman knocked on sandy's door. >> they market themselves as recruiting and trying to help kids. >> reporter: sandy bought three-year subscription to vegetarian times and weight watchers and a two-year subscription to mac life paying $134 cash to freedom sales. she says she confirmed the order over the phone but never got a magazine. and now the houston-based company won't return her calls. >> we just feel like we have been burned, you know, by someone that we were trying to help. >> reporter: so when someone knocks on your door, how do you know if you can trust them? >> look at the reputation. seller. >> reporter: a simple online search should reveal the company's reputation but it was too late by the time sandy found hundreds of online
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complaints and noticed a strange wording on her receipt. if you do not receive delivery within 120 days, please contact freedom sales, which she did. it then says, you will be compensated but refunds will not be issued. >> what they are saying by that is they are affirmatively telling you they doesn't have a refund policy. >> reporter: freedom would not return phone calls and while the texas attorney general has 26 complaints against the company, it has not taken any action. >> now, they are not honoring their agreement. >> reporter: that has changed sandy's opinion of door-to- door salesmen. >> to order on blind faith, i would be reluctant to do that. >> reporter: now, many cities and counties require permits for door-to-door solicitors and freedom did not have one in this case. your best bet is to ask to see a permit before buying anything from someone at your door or pay with a credit card so you can dispute the charges in cases like this. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline. 1-888-5-helps-u.
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volunteers are there right now. >> we'll be right back, stay with us.
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sources tell us that there has let's go back to the developing story out of marin county. chopper 5 above the scene of some sort of shooting in millbrae. two people have been taken to the hospital and we have seen
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bullet casings on the roads as well as evidence markers. again, this is in greenbrae. and it looks like they have shut down some of the streets in that area. we saw police also kind of checking out the area and stopping cars so we're not sure if they are searching for anyone right now. we'll have the latest on >> and, of course, the latest coming up today at 5:00. enjoy the day. 70 degrees somewhere in northern california. >> we guarantee it's going to be around 70. >> guaranteed. >> i want my money back. [ laughter ] >> caption colorado, llc
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